Newbury Bulls Soccer Club

Stanhope Gardens | Kellyville Ridge

Connor Greasby Park, Perfection Ave, Stanhope Gardens 2155

Registration opens on January 10th 2022, however if you wanted to create your account beforehand, you're most welcome to. 

Registration in 2022 is done through DRIBL - this is new for 2022

A step by step guide is provided here:
Go to On arriving on the registration front page,  please click on the Blacktown District Soccer Football Association (BDSFA) store and then select our club, Newbury Bulls SC.
You will be presented with a Login screen
If you have previously created an account and utilised the registration module of Dribl, use your credentials to login.
Otherwise go to Sign Up
As a first-time user,  click on Sign Up to create a registration account. 
On this page, enter the following required details:   
a.  First and Last name  
b.  Email address   
c.  Phone number   
d.  Password 
Click on Create Account.   
You will receive an email with an activation link. Click on the provided link to activate your account. 

Return  to  Login  Page  and  proceed  with  your  Email  Address  and  Password.Once  you  have  signed  in,  you’ll  be  taken  to  the  Overview screen.  This  will  show  you  a brief  overview of the  registration  system. 
On this  page,  it  shows:   
•  Your Registrations
•  Members you have in your profile 
•  Your Transactions 
•  Option to  start  a  NEW  REGISTRATION  (button) 
To start a new registration:
Click on the New Registration Button
Click on Next to take you to the CLUB SELECTION section
Select our Club (Newbury Bulls SC) from the drop-down list
Click on Club Competitions
Click on Next
This will take you to the Registrant section
Select the type of Registrant:
  • Myself
  • A minor (I am the parent of guardian)
  • Another person (ie on behalf of someone else)

If you are registering a child, another drop down box will appear.  Please select from the option of Parent or Guardian.
Complete the remaining fields:
Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Address, Email, FFA Number etc

Please keep these guidelines in mind when uploading images:   
•  Photo is a passport style image   
•  Head faces camera directly with full face in view   
•  No hats or sunglasses are to be worn in the photo   
•  Photo was taken within the last 12 months   
•  Photo is clear and legible with appropriate lighting   
•  Under 1 MB in size   
•  File type of .PNG or. JPG 
Please Note: any inappropriate photos may result in your registration being declined
Click on Next – You will be taken to the Emergency Contacts section
Complete the details for at least ONE Emergency Contact (First & Last Name, Phone Number, Email and Residential Address is required)

Click on Next – You will be taken to the Product section
Click on the Product you wish to register for

Click on Next – It will take you to the Additional Information section.
You  may be  presented  with  a  number  of  questions  to  answer.
(i)    School  Attended
(ii)   Working  with Children Check
(iii)  Past Registration
Once you have completed the Additional Information Section, Click On Next
The next screen will present any Terms & Conditions you will need to read and agree to.
Click on the T&Cs to open it in another window. Please read through the T&Cs so you understand them. Click Accept when you are ready.
Once you have accepted ALL the T&Cs, Click on Next to move onto the Payment section. The system will automatically link any automatic vouchers to the registrant.
If you wish to use the Services NSW Active Kids Voucher, enter the code in the Active Kids field and Click Apply.   
The system will verify if the vouchers are valid and adjust the payment amount. 
Clicking Cancel on either voucher will remove the voucher from the total and it will revert to the original or previous total.
To proceed with your payment, please select Payment Type.
If you have entered Credit Card Details in the payment section, you will need to select Verify Card before proceeding
Click Confirm and Pay button to process the payment.
Once payment has processed successfully you will be presented with a simple confirmation page to say its complete. You will also receive an email receipt of the payment

New Registration for Another Member 
You will need to go back to the Overview section and Click on the New Registration Button and follow all the above prompts


NSW Government "Active Kids" Scheme: Please see here for more information regarding the scheme and the opportunity to receive a $100 subsidy towards the registration of any child aged 4.5 - 18yrs. NOTE you must register for your Active Kids Voucher before registering with Newbury Bulls SC. All registrations are done online and we are unable to apply the Active Kids voucher manually.ActiveKids Logo ApprovedProvider

If ANY issues with completing registration, please ring 0438 405 965 and speak to Eliza - we will do our best to assist

Newbury Bulls is 100% volunteer run, which means we will need parents to get involved. Every team needs a Coach & Manager (which is usually a parent of a child in that team). Each coach needs to have attended an accredited course before coaching a team. This course needs to be age specific eg. U5-U7 MiniRoo Football Certificate, U8-11 Skill Training Certificate, etc. These courses must be done via BDSFA before the season kicks off.  If you have completed an accredited course in the last 2 years for the age group you wish to coach for the next season, a course is not necessary as you are covered under the certificate you received. But if you are coaching a higher age group a new course needs to undertaken.

All Coaches and Managers need to register on Dribl this year, and provide your valid Working With Children Check information at the time of registering. All registrations need to be completed by the start of the season, including uploading a photo of yourself, so ID cards can be made by BDSFA. 


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